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Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) Wizard Editor
The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MTD) Wizard Editor is a simple .NET 2.0 application designed to assist with the process of editing the wizard XML manifest files used by the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. While it does not presently help much with the authoring of each wizard pane's content, it does simplify the more tedious parts of editing the XML manifest and the HTML embedded within each wizard pane.

Features available in the current release:
  • Editing. The Wizard Editor can open an wizard, add and remove panes, change and preview a pane's HTML, and change a pane's settings.
  • Testing. The Wizard Editor can execute a wizard, simulating the environment in which it would normally be used.

With version 2 of the wizard editor, the following enhancements have been added:
  • Adds the ability to modify task sequence variable values before running the wizard.
  • Shows the task sequence variables after the wizard completes.
  • Properly encloses XML definition file entries in CDATA tags so that special characters do not cause issues.
  • Works with MDT 2010. (This version has not been tested with MDT 2008, but should probably work with it too.)

Note that a new version is now available through a new CodePlex project. See

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